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Salted Caramel Vanilla Almond Smoothie »
An evolution of flavors that starts with a base of Silk Vanilla Almondmilk layered with bananas, caramel sauce and a hint of sea salt.
Chocolate Banana Soy Smoothie »
A nutty combination of Silk Chocolate Soymilk or Almondmilk, fresh bananas and creamy peanut butter blended to provide a drinkable chocolate treat.
Vanilla Green Power Soy Smoothie »
A refreshing, crisp, spring beverage that provides a healthy blend of Silk Vanilla Soymilk, pineapple and mango finished with fresh baby kale.
Silk Double Chocolate Chip Bars with Mocha Frosting »
Try this rich cookie bar, dense with chocolate. Then it’s iced with a lush, chocolate mocha icing to make it doubly decadent.
Vanilla Ancient Grains Soymilk Pudding »
A creamy, flavorful blend of quinoa, brown rice, Silk and maple syrup for a comfort dessert. Great as a breakfast pudding.
Fettucine Alfredo »
A flavorful, dairy-free, lactose-free variation of a traditional Italian favorite.
Harvest Roasted Vegetables with Silk Almond Garlic Cream Sauce »
A hearty blend of farm-fresh carrots, parsnips, potatoes and peas with a warming, creamy garlic sauce served on a bed of ancient grains.
Cream of Broccoli and Potato Soup »
A blend of Silk Soymilk, broccoli, russet potatoes, vegetable broth and spices simmered to a warming, comforting, bowlful of goodness.
Macaroni and Cheese made with Silk Original Soymilk »
A creamy, dairy-free, lactose-free variation of a classic comfort food.
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29 items