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About Us

Finding a Better Way Ahead

At WhiteWave Away From Home, we’re pioneers in providing responsible foods people love to eat, in all the places they love to go. With #1 brands including International Delight®, Silk® and Horizon Organic®,1 plus forward-thinking brands like Earthbound Farm® Organic and So Delicious® Dairy Free, we're Changing the Way the World Eats for the Better.®

International Delight®

Helping to reinvent the way people drink coffee, International Delight® introduced the very first liquid, non-dairy, flavored creamer singles to market in 1987. Today, International Delight offers more creamer single flavors than any other company and is the #1 brand of flavored creamers in foodservice.2

Other innovations include International Delight Flavor Shots,® a convenient way to add flavor to hot and cold beverages, and International Delight Iced Café, a complete refrigerated dispensing system for sweet and creamy iced coffee.


Founded on the promise to help make the world a healthier place, Silk is America's top-selling plant-based beverage brand.2 Silk's portfolio includes a range of soymilk flavors, as well as Silk Almond® almondmilk, Silk Coconut® coconutmilk and soy creamers. All Silk products are free of cholesterol, dairy and lactose.

In addition to creating delicious, health-minded products, Silk is a long-time supporter of renewable energy, a leader in responsible sourcing practices and a champion for non-GMO foods.

Horizon® Organic

A pioneer in the organic industry, Horizon was the first company to supply organic milk on a national scale. Today, Horizon is the top-selling organic milk brand in America.2

In accordance with USDA guidelines, the cows that produce Horizon milk graze on organic pasture, eat organic feed, and are never treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.

STŌK® Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Really good coffee does more than just get you up. It gets you going in the right direction. That’s why we brew at lower temperatures to bring out every drop of smooth bold favor in our coffee. It’s not complicated, but does take time. At least 10 long hours. That’s ok. When it comes to outstanding coffee, we’re not in a hurry.

Wallaby® Organic

Wallaby offers a wide variety of creamy Australian-style yogurts, authentically strained Greek yogurts, traditional kefirs, and a European-style sour cream. While our recipes were inspired by travels abroad, all of our products are made in California’s Napa Valley.

So Delicious® Dairy Free

Explore the variety of dairy-free delights so diverse you can sip, bit, pour, scoop, lick, or chug throughout your day. Nestled within Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, So Delicious® Dairy Free has been bringing joy to dairy-free lives for more than twenty-five years. Many of our products are made with organic ingredients, and are always 100 percent plant-based and Non-GMO Project Verified with no artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, or hydrogenated oils.

Earthbound Farm Organic®

Happy is what defines us. We grow happy people with healthy bodies, nourished by our organic produce. We grow a happy planet by sustainably farming and keeping synthetic chemicals out of the environment. And we’ll continue to grow happy, from our happy place to yours. Our organic produce is grown with zero toxic synthetic chemicals and zero GMOs. That means all you’re getting is wholesome, delicious, REAL food.


You can count on CreaMiser’s company-wide commitment to quality and unsurpassed customer service. We’ve been manufacturing reliable, simple-to-use refrigerated cream dispensers for self-serve coffee programs for years. Our product offering has expanded over time to also include flavor dispensers and Virtuoso flavors for hot and cold beverage programs.

1 #1 brand in foodservice for flavored creamer, plant-based beverages, and organic milk: NPD SupplyTrack, Latest 52 weeks ending 01/23/16
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